Our 1st. Annual, Community, Easter Basket Drive was a huge success! After raising adequate funds, we were able to purchase enough supplies to make over 300 quality, easter baskets and provide them to children within our very own community. This glorious event was held at The Hillside Community Center located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on April 3, ( Good Friday ) 2015 .



Large, chocolate bunny ears and marshmallow peeps in a hat were won by over twenty children.




 Smiles similar to this one made the effort spent organizing this event well worth it. With much gratitude, we thank all  volunteers and donors who selflessly devoted their time and money to make this wonderful celebration possible.



 With well over 400 adults and children in attendance, we were compelled to start the event earlier than our scheduled time because of the crowd that had gathered amidst the lobby of the community center. Prizes were given, a puppet show was provided, and parents were able to enjoy watching their children have fun and receive a tangible item on this special holiday!



 The bunny rabbit baskets were very popular among the children, and were the first to go.


We thank all the families that came out and participated in this glorious event with us. It truly was a beautiful blessing. We aspire to provide over 500 baskets in 2016. Until then; may God bless us all.


Open HeartMinistries