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Altruistic, Benevolent,and Philanthropic



We are a Christ-like, community-based organization dedicated to ministering the love of Jesus Christ unto others in a tangible way.





To be a reputable, respected, nonprofit organization that exists within our community through our credibility, capability, and desire to serve others. To assist our community and its residents in whatever capacity necessary as it pertains to spiritual, benevolent, and philanthropic need.


Adell & Lyschel Hartway


Open Heart Ministries; a practical, caring, and loving ministry for the chronically homeless is a community-based organization dedicated to addressing the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of individuals and families experiencing homelessness by providing them with supportive resources and services. Our purpose is to relay the love of Jesus Christ unto others in a tangible way, Our goal is to prevent and end homelessness amid the community of Colorado Springs, Colorado, by providing essential resources and services: food, clothing, furniture, spiritual teachings, vehicle donations, emergency fund assistance, etc. Open Heart Ministries was founded by Adell and Lyschel Hartway on August 1, 2014, and legally incorporated on October 15, 2014, with a vision fueled by an extraordinary passion  to serve others. We operated as a multi-purpose organization for the better part of four years; however, as of mid-2018, our principal point of focus has fallen upon the issue of homelessness within our community. As a result, we have dedicated all of our resources and efforts towards combating this increasing problem. 

We are also a faith-based organization that trusts that the Lord Jesus Christ will provide all of our needs for the purpose of accomplishing our mission. We are a viable  and needed organization within our community for our tangible and intangible benefits collectively. Countless of people experiencing chronic-homelessness are living life without hope; their faith has diminished; and they're on the verge of giving up; however, we exist to minister the good news of hope, encouragement and life through Jesus Christ in a tangible way. Our organization is positioned to transmit hope, positioned to convey faith, positioned to relay encouragement and the strength to continue on in spite of life's difficulties and challenges. How? By simply making ourselves available to the will of Jesus Christ; by being His hands, His feet, and His body on this earth; by pledging all of our human effort and strength toward His purpose as it pertains to mankind; to love others as we love ourselves. It's for this very purpose that Open Heart Ministries exists. We are laborers and servants of Jesus Christ."  






Open HeartMinistries  

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