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Quickly after completing our Thanksgiving program where we provided multiple families within our community with food to enjoy during the holiday season, we had to prepare for our Christmas Community program. We aspired to bring community residents together for fellowship by catering a delicious dinner, and providing all children in attendnce with a gift for the Christmas Holiday. The event was held at The Hillside Community Center on December 16, 2015. We were not traditional as it pertained to the choice of food, so we catered the dinner from 'Jamaican Flavor,' a local, Jamaican restaurant within our community. More than one hundred men, women, and chidren enjoyed the food and fellowship together, and the gifts that were given out were greatly appreciated by all the precious little ones. We also had the pleasure of delivering additional presents to multiple children within our city who may not have otherwise received any for the holidays.



Christmas Community Dinner



The food was great, as well as the time spent in fellowship with one another.




The tree was colorful and decorated in perfect harmony with the Christmas atmosphere.



All the little ones received their gifts with joy and kept them close to themselves.



They waited patiently to receive their gifts as they were asked several questions about the Chritmas holiday.


What a blessing to be surrounded by such


A special thanks goes out to all those who helped plan, support, and volunteer amid this special event.



Many children did a close inspection of the packaging that the gifts were wrapped in.




Our Program Manager enjoyed calling out the names imprinted on each respective gift.



It defintely was a night to remember. We thank all the familes that came out and participated in this glorious event with Open Heart Ministries. Until next year. Merry Christmas!




It took a lot of time and effort when purchasing each gift according to the age and gender of each child, but it was well worth it.


Open HeartMinistries  

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