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The Exodus Project is a comprehensive; yet sustainable and lasting solution designed to prevent and end homelessness amid the community of Colorado Springs, CO, in a simple collaborative manner




  • Obtain permanent housing for individuals and families who are chronically homeless

  • Prevent new entries into homelessness

  • Create self-sufficiency among the chronically homeless

  • Redirect homeless traffic from the downtown district to The Mount Sinai Resource Center 

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  • Provide rapid re-housing services that include rental, deposit, furniture, and move-in assistance

  • Provide homeless prevention resources for at-risk individuals and families

  • Provide a one-stop, transitional housing, day center (Mount Sinai)

  • Provide easy-access transportation to and from The Mount Sinai Resource Center

The 2018 Point in Time Count revealed that approximately 1,551 people were experiencing homelessness on the night of January 28, 2018, in El Paso County / Colorado Springs, CO. Five hundred and thirteen of those people were forced to sleep outside due to the lack of low barrier beds among the city's homeless shelters. Open Heart Ministries has segmented the market into four distinct categories:

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Although the numbers of those experiencing homelessness are likely higher due to rent increases and the lack of affordable housing opportunities within our community, an exceptional amount of the chronically homeless can be house at a fast rate depending upon certain circumstances. Prospects not numbered in the chart will also benefit from our program's comprehensive set of services through navigation to alternate resources using a common referral system within similar organizations among the community.

" It takes all day to survive out here," replied Debra Rice. " I have no place to go. I've actively sought out employment and picked up numerous job applications, but I don't have any place to fill them out. I'm either too busy trying to keep my dog and myself safe, or watching my belongings so they don't get stolen. I know I can eventually change my current situation, but I need a little bit of help."


Open Heart Ministries' Exodus Project is a Community Development Program in its first stages of funding. All facets of our strategic, financial, and program planning completely align with our mission and vision statements. We are an organization that has fostered a culture of transparency, accountability, and integrity since our inception. Our current, main objective is to raise sufficient funds to purchase a 32,000 "Sq ft" facility, from which all of our programs and operations will run. Your financial help is needed to bring this practical, sustainable, and lasting solution to life. One hundred percent of all funds donated on this page will go towards the funding of 'Mount Sinai Resource Center.' Open Heart Ministries is a qualified 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization. All gifts made are tax-deductible as provided in Section 170 of the IRS Code. Gifts can also be mailed to: Open Heart Ministries PO Box 15294 Colorado Springs, CO. 80935 


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