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  Adell is a native of the community of Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is a co-founder and serves as President / CEO of Open Heart Ministries. His lovely wife and himself are both fully all in as they devote their time and resources towards the general welfare of others within their community. Adell harbors a strong obligation to make a difference amid the very community that he was raised in, to which his dedication and strong work ethic have been a continued testament.



 For almost three decades, Lyschel has been a community resident of Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is a Bachelor of Arts graduate of Nazarene Bible College, obtaining a double major in Christian Counseling / Bible & Theology with a minor in Pastoral Ministries. She is currently pursuing her Masters Degree at Denver Seminary located in Littleton, CO. Lyschel's natural gift to provide comfort and hope in the intangible areas of others makes her a great asset among any community that she finds herself residing in.




Lyschel Hartway



Adell Hartway



Lisbeth Dawkins



 Approaching twenty-five years as a resident of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Lisbeth holds an Associate degree in Paralegal Studies and is working on obtaining her Bachelors of Arts degree in Tech Management associated with Criminal Justice. Lisbeth brings a set of unique skills to Open Heart Ministries, and always looks forward to serving her community with dedication and sincere integrity.


Open HeartMinistries  

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