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  Serving our Community with Love and Honor

Homeless people being fed
Homeless people recieving clothes







 Working in conjunction with Care & Share foodbank, a Feeding America affiliate, and The Hillside Community Center, Open Heart Ministries is dedicated to keeping the respective community of Colorado Springs, Co., hunger free.


 Collecting Clothes for a Cause

Pile of clothes


 Collecting hundreds of pounds of clothes for those in need is deemed a worthy cause at Open Heart Ministries.



 Annual Community Drives


Empowerment of Single Mothers

Mom and daughter

Vehicle donations, life-coaching and more are services that Open Heart Ministries has integrated that will give support and assistance geared toward empowering these mothers.


Community Action

Easter basket


 Providing tangible goods related to special holidays is one of the greatest fulfillments of all.


Homeless people looking through clothes


Providing essential resources to those stricken with homelessness is needed amid our community, and should never be taken for granted.



 Imparting Furniture and Household Goods


Lots of furniture


  Whether the current need is a single household item or an arsenal of furniture in order to furnish an entire apartment or house, Open Heart Ministries aspires to provide.


Open HeartMinistries  

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