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Vehicle Donations Within Our Community





 Vehicle donations are a part of Open Heart Ministries' " Empowerment of Single Mothers" program. We receive the donation, ensure that the vehicle is in good working order by closely inspecting it, and provide them free of charge to a single mother within our very own community. We also consider vehicle donations to families who have a great need for one. Help us in our continued  commitment to provide this needed resource to single mothers and families within our community. Donate a reliable vehicle today!















  The images above

reflect a vehicle donation we provided to a single mother within our community on April 8, 2015; a 1998 Infinity I Sedan equipped with power windows/doors, moonroof, leather seats, factory alarm and more!

 This single mother's previous vehicle was totaled this past winter after slipping on black ice. From that point things went downhill fast; she lost her job because of the lack of transportation, she was unable to get her young daughter to school in a timely manner, and she constantly had to depend upon others for her transportation needs.











Christmas came a few days in advance for this single mother at Open Heart Ministries. We were pleased to provide her with this 1998, Nissan Altima GXE on December 19, 2015. This vehicle was well maintained by its previous owner, and is very reliable; it was just what this young mother needed to aid in her current situation. She not only works very hard to provide for her daughter, but she also helps out her parents financially. We hope this vehicle  will be a great  resource  to help empower  this young lady.





What a great opportunity it was to provide this timely blessing to this single mother on February 23, 2016. This 1996 Toyota Avalon XL proved to be a 'right on time' resource for her. Her schedule had recently changed on her job  and she could no longer depend upon the city bus to get her to work on time. She resorted to walking several hours during the early morning hours just to reach her respective place of employment on time.

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